Lender Checklist

NeighborhoodLIFT® Loans – First Mortgage Lender Required Documents and Stacking Order


A copy of this stacking order indicating the documents included in submission package

  1. Borrower Authorization to Release Information
  2. 1st Lender Commitment Letter
  3. 1008 Underwriting Transmittal Summary/equivalent FHA Transmittal Summary, VA Loan Analysis etc.
  4. For FHA 203(k) – Maximum Mortgage Worksheet (Form 2700) if applicable
  5. 1st Lender final 1003 Uniform Residential Loan Application
  6. Settlement Agent Contact Information
    • Settlement Agent Company Name
    • Settlement Agent Point of Contact
    • Settlement Agent Tel. Number
    • Settlement Agent Email Address
  7. First Mortgage Lender Contact Information
    • Lender Company Name
    • Lender Point of Contact
    • Lender Telephone Number
    • Lender Email Address