About NHSSN - Our Vision

“Shelter is a priority for every living being. Providing and preserving that shelter is our passion!”

Neighborhood Housing Services of Southern Nevada (NHSSN) is a non-profit organization established in 1992 to aid low-to-moderate income individuals and families by providing them with affordable rentals, educational workshops and home ownership assistance. Through multiple programs, NHSSN has helped households throughout Clark County turn their hopes for the American Dream into American Realities!


Our Mission: NHSSN provides affordable housing, homeownership, education and neighborhood revitalization in targeted areas throughout Southern Nevada to low and moderate-income individuals and families.


Our Vision: To build better neighborhoods, block by block.


To remain steadfast in realizing this vision, NHSSN has put the following strategic goals in place. These goals help establish a larger comprehensive plan, which guides the agency’s operating plan:
1. Increase Financial Stability and Strength
2. Continue to Create and Maintain Affordable Housing Options
3. Create and Expand New and Existing Strategic Partnerships
4. Develop Safe, Stable Neighborhoods
5. Sustain Educational and Counseling Activities in the Community